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How To Bake Fresh Bread In Under 20 Minutes

by RachelPattisson

Is baking bread a huge hassle? No! Rachel Pattisson guides you through the simplest recipe in the book and it takes less than 20 minutes! If Rachel can spare the time to bake her own bread with three under-fives then you can definitely spare a couple of minutes and treat yourself.

Rachel also maintains a baking blog called: Fresly Baked which offers yet more mouth-watering inspiration!

The Perfect Pie

by coldclimate

Oli Wood shares with us his recipe for the perfect pie! Originally published on Oli's blog. You should check out Oli's new company MemoryMerge, or hire him to help you with technical issues.

Foam Is Not Food!

by coldclimate

Oli Wood vents about one of his pet foodie hates: the use of foam. He also despairs other pretentious concoctions churned out by celebrity chefs. This post was originally published on Oli's blog. You should check out Oli's new company MemoryMerge, or hire him to help you with technical issues.

Very Wicked Chocolate Orange Truffle Cake Recipe

by Jennifer Wrennifer

Writer and cook, Jennifer Wrennifer, shares a special recipe inspired by the depressing February weather: "On a horrid mid-February day when the whole world looked depressed, and I was in desperate need of something delicious and full of chocolatey endorphins to boost my spirits, I turned to my trusty store cupboard for comfort. I frantically pulled out all possible ingredients that had the potential to make something that would tick all the boxes, and with a little inspiration from the Avoca Cookbook (if you haven't heard of them and you like cake look them up - they bake truly amazing things), I came up with this wonderfully decadent (and rather trashy) cake that managed to put a ray of sunshine into a rather mizzly day. This is not an everyday cake by any stretch of the imagination, it is far too rich for that, but it's supremely tasty and very easy to make which makes it a great cake. It's ideal for anyone in need of a chocolate hit at tea time with a long cup of coffee or as a very yummy dessert served with some cold sharp crème fraiche, a glass of Cointreau and an espresso.

In Praise of Slow Food

by Carl Honoré

In this piece originally posted on The Huffington Post, best-selling author of In Praise of Slow, Carl Honoré goes from eating while walking in the street to growing herbs and cooking with fresh ingredients. For many years, fast food has been on the rise but now the tide is turning and the Slow Food movement is on the up. The benefits for personal health and society as a whole are significant. Read on for tips on how to get started.