About ScribeSub

What is ScribeSub?

ScribeSub is a publishing platform where each article costs $1 to read. Of every $1, the writer receives 60%. You can read a summary of each article and a word count for free.

How do I start reading articles on ScribeSub?

  1. Find an article you'd like to read (pro-tip: they're all on the front page)
  2. Login or signup if you haven't already done so
  3. Buy credits on the Settings page
  4. Click the 'Read now for 1 credit' button on the article you'd like to read

When do writers get paid?

Writers receive $0.60 each time someone reads one of their articles. Payments are made weekly by Paypal. There is no minimum amount.

So ScribeSub gets 40% of each $1 spent?

Not quite. If you buy a single credit then ScribeSub receives only $0.07 after Paypal fees. This proportion goes up if you buy more than one credit at once.

Who made ScribeSub?

I did. My name is David Haywood Smith. Feel free to email me or find me on Twitter.

Why ScribeSub?

Newspapers are experimenting with paywalls in order to replace declining advertising revenues. There are two problems with most other paywalls that ScribeSub solves:

Revenues go to supporting outdated cost structures
Instead of printing presses, distributors and newsstands, ScribeSub uses the internet for distribution. Instead of an editorial staff we have a community of users. The majority of ScribeSub's revenue is paid out directly to writers.

Fixed monthly fees
Charging a monthly fee to access all content behind a paywall is the equivalent of charging a monthly fee for permission to walk into a shop. You don't know what's inside until you pay and you don't know if you will visit at all in a given month. Access to the shop should be free and it should then be up to you what you decide to spend your money on.

Can I write an article?

Yes! Anyone can contribute an article to ScribeSub by clicking the 'New article' button on the front page. The only requirements are that you must own the copyright to your article and it must not contain any illegal content.

What's the best way to get in touch with feedback?

Our feedback forum is probably the best place. Or you can email me.