A Little Routine

by coldclimate

Oli Wood, a geek based in the North East of England, used to work for a large consulting firm. He writes: "I used to run at very high stress levels. I worked like a trojan, I cleared shit at a good rate, and I punched above my weight and age in the IT business. I thought nothing of starting a 14-hour work day with a hot shower, a dose of shakes from nerves and being a little bit sick. Then it all went wrong: I collapsed a disc in my spine and came close to a nervous breakdown. This might not be my most exciting article, and some of it may seem obvious, but I promise it will help de-stress your life. These are my tips to help you avoid getting into that state." Oli is now building his own company: MemoryMerge. You can also hire him to help you with technical issues by contacting The Approachable Geek.

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